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February 24 2016


GPS Buying Guide: Necessities on a GPS Device

GPS System

Global positioning systems or GPS are devices that inform you exactly where you are anywhere on earth. It works by having a hand-held device that sends out signals to 3 or more satellites orbiting across the earth and the satellites triangulate your exact position.

Today, we've got the technology market is offering different types of GPS devices for various navigation activities. There's a GPS device specifically made for scientific purposes, handheld GPS devices for hiking and outdoor activities, which can fit into pockets and the most common is the dashboard mount GPS for vehicles, which can be very useful for city navigation.

Considering that the dashboard GPS is the most popular type of GPS device, allow us to examine the different features that you ought to look for in this type of GPS that may be very helpful and useful when you drive around unfamiliar places.

 Custom routes - naturally, the main purpose is to put into the GPS the routes you are aware so that you would not have to input precisely the same route again when you go into the same place. With a single touch on the screen, the custom routes you've programmed would be immediately displayed.
 Waypoint - waypoints are markers from the GPS device. It can be programmed before or through the trip. This allows you to get from point A to point B in no time.

 Traffic reports Up to date traffic reports are very important on a GPS device so it would allow you to take alternate routes to stop heavy traffic situations, thereby being efficient on gasoline and vehicle usage.

GPS Tracker

 Voice guidance - this selection allows you to drive without distracted because you will always be looking at the GPS device. A voice would prompt that you turn left or right towards your destination without using your eyes off the road.

 Speed limit - this is a must have feature over a dashboard GPS because it helps you keep track of your posted speed limit. Also, the GPS will give you the speed limits in your neighborhood without having to look for speed limit signs.

 Points of interests - they are pre-programmed destinations that are popular inside a particular place. This may help you easily find tourist spots or popular restaurants or places in a certain area.

 Screen resolution - obviously, the higher the screen, the easier it really is to navigate with all the GPS. The screen resolution should be a standard 800x480, allowing you to view maps and satellite images with ease.

 Zoom capabilities - this feature allows you to view maps easily by viewing the map in the biggest scale possible. Having this feature lets you navigate big cities easily.

 Battery capacity - a GPS that's to be used for city driving or road trip navigation should have a lengthy battery life for those long drives. The standard battery life should be 4 hours or maybe more.

 Custom accessories - the GPS device itself must have available custom accessories. For example, the GPS device should have a car mount or dashboard mount so your device could be securely put into the car while driving. Also, car chargers can be obtained on the market for your GPS device so that you can could use the device without having to worry about battery life or low battery situations.

Furthermore, there are other features that a dashboard GPS device could offer nevertheless the aforementioned items above would be the essential features. Having these amazing features on your GPS would totally aid you in navigating those new places where you will be visiting because of business or leisure activities.

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